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Beverages by Tamada - We are an import, wholesale and distributon company specialising on top quality and exclusive Brands from Georgia; Tbilvino, Zearis, Sarajishvili, Kula, Winiveria, Gurashvili, Teliani Valley & Tsinandali Estate. Based in Sydney, we are the first and only company to import Tbilvino wines, Zearis, Sarajishvili Brandy, Tsinandali Estate, Winiveria, Gurashvili and Kula products to Australia. Our objective is to introduce Australia with best of Georgian produce at affordable prices. Produce is shipped to Australia using only refrigerated containers and it is then transported and stored at our temperature controlled warehouse to keep at its premium standard. We are a company committed to providing superior customer service, working closely with reputable distributors and retailers and providing first-class support for both our suppliers and customers. To know more, visit https://www.tamada.com.au or call +61 2 8739 7247.

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Sydney, Australia

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